The Notorious B.I.G. Lands Fifth Album To Sell A Million Copies


The 21st anniversary Biggie Small’s death is coming in the next few weeks. While the rapper’s death is still a mystery, there’s no doubt that over two decades later, his music and legacy is very much alive. The thing about Big is the major impact he had in a short amount time. The rapper only released one solo album while he was alive and another album alongside Junior M.A.F.I.A on Conspiracy in 1995. Now, the rapper adds another million unit selling album to his catalog. 

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Billboard reports Biggie’s Greatest Hits album has ficially gone platinum making it his fifth album to reach a million sales. The album pushed a million sales the week ending on Feb 8th after selling 4K copies in a single week. The increase is sales was up by a massive 339% and helped it push to 1.003 million units moved.

According to the report, the increase in Biggie’s Greatest Hits album is largely due to iTunes having it on sale for $4.99 that week. It also made a major spike on Billboard 200 album chart, going from no. 158 to no. 75.

Biggie’s Greatest Hits now joins Life After Death, Ready To DieBorn Again and Duets: The Final Chapter in passing the million units moved point. Altogether, Biggie has sold 13.4 million solo albums in the United States.

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Last summer, Faith Evans released her posthumous collaboration project with Biggie on The King & I. The album sold 24K copies to date and peaked on the album charts at 65.