The New iPhone 11 Pro Has People Feeling Unnerved


Trypophobia: “an aversion to the sight of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes, or bumps.”

It’s very likely that many of you have never heard of this term before the reactions to Apple’s new iPhone 11 Pro announcement started rolling out today. One would think that trypophobia is a rather rare and oddly specific affliction, but based on all the people expressing their distress over the upcoming iPhone’s triple-camera design, it appears that a sizeable community has been silently suffering from this fear. 

The three camera system seeks to provide iPhone users with top quality photography. We live in a society… that (over)values the capturing and sharing of practically every moment of day-to-day life from the perspective of a handheld device. In order to satisfy this market’s demands, Apple essentially just has to keep on releasing iPhones that allow us to look increasingly cute on our Instagram accounts. 

While Tim Cook probably patted himself on the back for bestowing the public with superior photographic capabilities, many were not celebrating upon first seeing the iPhone 11 Pro. Even those who are not self-diagnosed with trypophobia may be able to understand why the triangle of circles on the back of the new phone could be so unnerving to some. And for those who are totally indifferent to the design, please take a moment to sympathize with your trypophobic brothers and sisters by reading their experiences below.