The Naked and Famous Return, Dance Away the Shadows in ‘Sunseeker’ Watch


The Naked and Famous have returned with their first new music since releasing their compilation project A Still Heart in early 2018. The video for their new single, "Sunseeker," is out today (Nov. 8).

In the clip, bandmates Alisa Xayalith and Thom Powers play with the concepts of color and shadow, performing goofy, arm-waving choreography with the latter shot in black-and-white until joining vocalist Xayalith's sun-dappled colorscape as the beat kicks in on the second verse. 

"Oh I got a light heart but you show me the bright side/ Always got my eyes closed, you sit there with wide eyes/ Oh I never chose this but you came at the right time/ Follow you to roses, show me to the sunshine," Xayalith sings, before launching into the tune's danceable chorus.

The sunny new track will serve as the lead single for the band's upcoming fourth album — their first release as a duo since the departure of founding member Aaron Short and drummer Jesse Wood.

TNAF spoke to Billboard about reigniting their spark following their last full-length studio album, 2016's Simple Forms.

"After Simple Forms, it took Alisa and I some time to figure out if we were going to continue with The Naked and Famous," Powers tells Billboard. "After some personal and musical soul searching, we had a eureka moment in our creative partnership last summer. This was when 'Sunseeker' and the majority of the new music was born. We found ourselves in an invigorated creative flow."

"Being in a band and trying to sustain a healthy creative partnership has always been a work in progress," Xayalith adds. "A lot of the songs we've been working on have been the result of us having breakthroughs with our collaborators and ourselves as artists. There's relief in making it to this point with our first offering."

Check out the cheery visual for "Sunseeker" below.