The Naked And Famous, RAC and Felix Cartal Remix Luna Shadows’ ‘Waves’: Exclusive


Luna Shadows, the piano-playing singer-songwriter and touring member of New Zealand synth-pop band The Naked and Famous, is making "Waves."

Shadows just signed to +1 Records, and she's celebrating the moment with a video release and remix package, featuring a cool take from her TNAF bandmates.

"Waves" is a house-pop ballad built around Shadow's airy vocals and kickin' beat. Today (Aug. 20), it also receives a music video that showcases Shadows dancing in the streets in her disco best.

The TNAF remix brightens its grey sky mood with hopeful, stacatto chords and a chopped-up hook. It's one of three such remixes in the final package, alongside equally epic takes from RAC and Felix Cartal.

"'Waves' is a song about holding on tightly and letting go lightly," Shadows tells Billboard Dance. "I am very quick to fall in love and fall to pieces. Built into this song sonically and lyrically are competing rushes of melancholy and euphoria, overtaking one another for fleeting moments. As an anniversary celebration and a special thank you to my earliest fans, I wanted to re-release this song with several brand new, official re-imaginings from some of my favorite producers and friends."

The full "Waves" package is out Wednesday, Aug. 21, but you can watch the official music video and listen to the remixes one day early, exclusively on Billboard Dance.