The Marathon Clothing Has Fulfilled Hundreds Of Thousands Of Orders, 13K More To Go


In the seven months since Nipsey Hussle was gunned down in front of his The Marathon Clothing store, the rapper’s visions have carried on. Community leaders have advanced on his work in uniting foes, Nipsey’s unfinished business dealings have been completed or are continuing in production, and his clothing brand is more popular than ever before. 

The Marathon Clothing Has Fulfilled Hundreds Of Thousands Of Orders, 13K More To Go
Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

The outpouring of support from the public forced the brick and mortar store to close its doors, but the online orders continued to roll in. Some may have believed that as time went on, orders would slow down, but that isn’t the case with The Marathon Clothing. They shared an update on Monday with customers that they’ve fulfilled hundreds of thousands of orders in the last few months, and they still have 13K to go.

“The people supported Nipsey’s vision, admired his business savvy, and more than anything, respected his demonstration,” they wrote. “An unprecedented outpour of orders at a time when we were at the lowest point of our lives forced us to get up and carry on, get up and fulfill our obligation to the people that placed orders.”

They continued that after closing the doors of the store, there weren’t plans set in place to continue with The Marathon Clothing. They also explained that with such a large number of orders set in place, they had to scale up their facilities to handle the increase in production. The company expects to have these last 13K packages out by the end of November, so everyone who has been waiting, some for months, can expect to receive their items soon.