The Lonely Island Drop Surprise ‘Bash Brothers’ Visual Album On Netflix


Listen to the ‘Bash Brothers’ album featuring Sia, Haim and Maya Rudolph.

The Lonely Island's version of Lemonade comes with a steroids booster. The comedy trio, comprised of Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone, shocked the world on Wednesday night (May 22) with the surprise drop of their 30-minute "visual poem" about famed Oakland A's baseball players Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire.

“In 1988, Major League Baseball was set aflame by Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire, aka The Bash Brothers,” the opening scroll of the film explains. “They were known for their towering hoe runs and mind-bending play, but what many don’t know… Is that they recorded an album… of raps.”

"They call me Joseeeee….. Go Jose, go over the top like Rambo/ Take a needle out my butt and hop in the Lambo/ Anabolics got me feelin' bionic," Samberg raps as Canseco over a banging Beastie Boys-style beat in reference to the pair's admitted abuse of juice in the opening rhyme "Jose & Mark." 

The Lonely Island Presents: The Unathorized Bash Brothers Experience, directed by Mike Diva and Schaffer, basically imagines what it would have looked like if the arrogant, forearm-bashing baseball furies had recorded a rap album at the height of their glory.

The movie also features the songs "Uniforms On," "Let's Bash," "Focused AF," "Oakland Nights" (feat. Sia), "Focused on the Game," "Bikini Babe Workout," "IHOP," "IHOP Parking Lot" (feat. Haim & Maya Rudolph), "Feed the Beast" and "Daddy," with the full 11-track album available now on streaming services. The trio debuted the Bash Brothers bit during a show in Pasadena in May 2018. The film has cameos from Jenny Slate, Rudolph, Jim O'Heir, Sterling K. Brown, Stephanie Beatriz and Hannah Simone.

Mixing brief skits and high art perfume ad-like spoofs with the kind of viral videos the trio made famous during the Saturday Night Live stretch, the film includes the funk slow jam "Nights," with an AutoTuned cameo from a Jheri Curled Brown, and a trying-to-be-sensual chorus and verse from Sia, as well as the seriously NSFW rap "Focused AF." Haim and Rudolph hop on R&B jam "IHOP," slinging some Janet Jackson-style melodies as they demand that the two "shake that butt, shake that butt" in a scary, zombie-like sing-song.

With a barrage of 1980s-style booty rap beats, helpful advice about how to avoid injury when lifting a woman wearing a bikini (but never one in sweats) and about a million boasts about how jacked they are, the movie is a loving, silly tribute to the notoriously flossy, jacked-up baseball duo who helped lead the A's to a World Series crown in 1989, Island trio's love of moody CK One ads and nods to their favorite rap styles from the 80s, 90s and today.

Also, if you hate Joe Montana, stick around for the credit sequence. And, if you have a Netflix account, watch the movie here.

Listen to the Bash Brothers album below and watch videos from the film.