The Last Bison Announce New Album, Debut Latest Single 'Cold Night': Exclusive


Folk rock collective The Last Bison are moving forward after a transformative couple years on the road, and they are initiating this new phase with the announcement their upcoming fourth studio album SÜDA, out Sept. 21 AntiFragile Music.

Following the amicable departures founding members Dan Hardesty and Annah Housworth, the band reconvened in their native Virginia with a resolute purpose and an untapped creative itch to scratch. With a revolving cast collaborators both familiar and new, frontman Ben Hardesty, cellist and bassist Amos Housworth and keys player Andrew Benfante were able to shift the direction the group while keeping their sound grounded with the heart and sincerity that have come to define them.

Perhaps in an attempt to not lose the connection to what made his burgeoning folk band so special from the beginning, Hardesty as a lyricist has never seemed more reflective and engrossed in the past. On the second fering from SÜDA, “Cold Night,” exclusively premiering  Billboard today (Aug. 22), he searches in vain for an impactful memory that could hold all the answers to his present state and yet he can’t quite grasp it.

“We all have memories experiences that deeply affected the way we individually view the world and the people around us. As we grow older many the details those memories begin to fade,” Hardesty tells Billboard. “For me, ten times I don’t realize how significant those moments were until trying to recall them years later. This song is an internal dialogue about that process…trying to connect the dots and fill in the missing details a distant memory.”

Though its title lends itself from Hardesty’s upbringing in Boli, SÜDA rests more in the present than in any distant, far-removed moment. It exhibits a band testing its boundaries and reckoning with its past in order to better their future. And with a slew new arrangements and instrumentation handpicked from the sounds that surrounded Hardesty in his formative years, it just might be the most honest and revealing form The Last Bison we’ve ever heard.

Check out “Cold Night” below.