The Knocks 'Ride' Into Movie Stardom With Foster The People in New Exclusive


New York electronic dance duo The Knocks are chasing their Hollywood dreams in the video for their latest single “Ride or Die,” Neon Gold/Big Beat Records.

The duo — comprised B-Roc and JPatt — put their signature spin on some the most iconic movie pairs in remixed scenes from Pulp Fiction, White Men Can’t Jump and the Rocky series with help from Foster The People’s Mark Foster.

The video embraces the song’s loose and surreal funk soundtrack with a retro aesthetic and the group’s full, unrestrained commitment to their performances. The collaboration even reaches full circle under the helm director Kenny Laubbacher (Tove Lo), who introduced the guys to Foster last year and developed the perfect visual concept to match.

“Writing the song, we wanted to create a warm nostalgic sound that centered around the idea friendship and celebration,” the dance duo tells Billboard. “When our friend Kenny Laubbacher approached us with the idea shooting a music video based on classic movie duos…our love for nostalgic movies and referencing classic imagery made it a no brainer.”

Foster expands on his crucial supporting role, noting, “I got to play the weird third wheel guy in each sequence, so naturally, I said yes.”

Whether it’s the splitting image JPatt and B-Roc serving it up on the court like a young Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson or Foster’s impeccably gruff delivery as Rocky’s trainer Mickey, the guys appear to be confident in their abilities beyond their temporary stand-in roles.

Foster fers, “If you ever need someone to play Burgess Meredith, don’t think, please just call me,” while The Knocks have their eyes set on something a bit more ambitious.

“If any NBA teams (The Knicks) are looking for a versatile swingman, JPatt is readily available.”

Catch The Knocks this August at the Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival on Long Island, N.Y. Tickets and festival information are available now here.

Check out the video for “Ride Or Die” below.