The Inner Lives of CNCO: The Group Opens Up on HipHopMagz’s El Factor Latino Podcast


CNCO don’t mind being called a boy band.

But this is not your run-of-the-mill group. Three years after their creation from Univision reality show La Banda, the quintet is still going strong, fueled by a mix of outstanding vocal and dancing chops as well as a multicultural factor that has multiplied their fan base. In this exclusive El Factor Latino podcast, Puerto Rican Zabdiel de Jesús,  Dominican American Richard Camacho, Ecuadorian Christopher Velez, Mexican American Joel Pimentel and Cuban-born Eric Brian Colon, talked about pretty much everything. Here are a few takeaways:

They love to speak Spanish: “When I was little I was very shy about speaking Spanish. Now is when I feel prouder than ever. Now I can be myself,” says Camacho. “Ten years ago, the second generation no one really took it seriously. Now everyone wants to be in the Spanish [language] industry,” adds Pimentel. “Now everyone wants to be Latin.”

They are a boy band and proud: “We are a Latino boy band that plays urban pop,” they say. Those dance routines? They work for it: They practice their dance routines up to five hours a day, and have had the same choreographer.

They had a supportive team, and are happy to acknowledge: Yes, hard work and talent were a factor. But CNCO happily gives credit to their team, from Ricky Martin and Simon Cowell to their current team.

What happens when they collaborate with another group? It’s hard to fit those solos in there. “Sometimes all we get to say is, ‘We are CNCO’” jokes Colón.

Stream the full podcast here: