The High Breed put their mission statement forward on "We Lead."


UK¬†hip-hop group The High Breed bring their unique brand thought-provoking rap unto out pages with their new record titled “We Lead” and it’s accompanying¬†video. The concept behind the song¬†is a testament to the power words. Delivering vivid lyrics over a cinematic brooding backdrop lends some sort mystic urgency into their song.

The visuals directed by¬†Tanya Malekshahi bring the f-kilter¬†soundscape to life in a very engaging manner.¬†The video perfectly complements the otherworldly vibe the song with black and white kaleidoscope mandalas seamlessly interweaving, changing form creating a fluid marriage word and image coming together as an original work art.¬†“We Lead” is the first track taken from The Entrapment EP set to be released on May 24th


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