The Haim Sisters Don’t Take Their Bond For Granted On Poignant New Track ‘Hallelujah’


Haim's new track "Hallelujah" is a fervent testimonial embracing three tales of a strong sisterly bond, loss of a best friend and ongoing health struggle. The band's latest single arrived today (Nov. 18) with a stirring accompanying visual.

The airy "Hallelujah" sung in the refrain weaves itself through each sister's loaded verse, proclaiming their best times with each other while unpacking their worst times specific to each one. Danielle Haim, who co-produced the track with Ariel Rechtshaid and Rostam Batmanglij, wrote in a press release, "We've always wanted to write a song about our bond as sisters." 

But the song, as well as the Paul Thomas Anderson-directed accompanying clip, goes much deeper than that because it's about not taking that bond for granted. The video embodies the painstaking pact of sisterhood through images of Danielle and Este Haim sitting back-to-back mid-air, but each verse sung capture more tender narratives the sisters unpacked one-by-one on Twitter.

Danielle Haim revealed how she wanted to encapsulate her affection for her sisters ("I met two angels but they were in disguise," she begins the first verse). "My verse is about our relationship as sisters. that feeling of knowing what your sibling is gonna do or say before they do it," she wrote on Haim's Twitter account. "Sibling telepathy is a real thing!!!!" 

But sometimes the hurt one experiences can't exactly be felt by each member. Este Haim takes reign of the second verse, which reflects on her struggle with Type 1 diabetes since she was diagnosed at age 14. "i wrote my verse a few days after i'd gotten some pretty terrible news from my endocrinologist…. i came home from the doctor super upset and frustrated and the only two people i felt comfortable enough to talk about it with were danielle and alana," she penned in a note shared on their Twitter. "this song is for anyone struggling with chronic illness and the people around us who we truly rely on for help and guidance." 

Alana Haim somberly sings the third verse in the folk-tinged track, reminiscing about her best friend Sammi Kane Kraft, who passed away years ago. "I had a best friend but she has come to pass/ One I wish I could see now/ You always remind me that memories will last," she croons. For her Twitter reflection, she wrote about Kraft's tragic death in a car accident and her longing for a proper tribute to her. "I'm not the same, I'll never be the same. The me before took love, friends and family for granted," she posted. "Now there won't be a day that goes by where i don't tell everyone i love how special they are to me." 

Watch the poignant video for "Hallelujah" below.