The Glorious Sons Speculate About ‘The Death Of Rock and Roll’ On Frenzied New Track: Premiere


"Who needs Jesus, who needs Buddha?/ We got sex and we got drugs," frontman Brett Emmons asserts on The Glorious Sons' new track, "The Ongoing Speculation Into The Death of Rock and Roll," released today (Aug. 16).

The Canadian rockers continue to question the alleged impending doom of rock and roll over turbulent guitar licks and frantic drums and keys. "That trust fund kid with Lennon glasses thinks that he's the chosen one," Emmons growls. Maybe the self-aware band thinks the genre is dying, but they might just be resurrecting it with this undeniably energetic tune.

"We all start in a bedroom. We all would do it for free," the band tells Billboard. "Mainly, I think we do it for the freedom. This song is kind of a love letter for people who were completely robbed of their freedom for doing something they loved."

The song comes from The Glorious Sons' forthcoming album A War on Everything, set to arrive on Sept. 13 BMG. Earlier this year, the band scored their first Mainstream Rock Songs No. 1 with "S.O.S. (Sawed Off Shotgun)." They are currently on tour.

Listen to "The Ongoing Speculation Into The Death of Rock and Roll" below.