The Game’s Royalties In Danger Over $7 Million "She’s Got Game" Reality Show Judgment


In 2015, The Game gave reality television a try with his own dating show on VH1 on a show titled She’s Got Game. For nine episodes, about a dozen women competed for the heart of Jayceon “The Game” Taylor, all believing that they were going to his First Lady…or at least his First Lady For Right Now. The runner-up was a woman named Priscilla Rainey, and while she lost the top spot, she received a $7 million victory in court after the taping ended.

According to Rainey, during filming, Taylor sexually assaulted her by forcing his hand in her dress and grabbing her behind and vaginal area. She filed the lawsuit no long after production ended and a court later awarded her a $7 million judgment. Back in 2016, Taylor took to Instagram to address both the allegations and lawsuit by saying, “Let’s get one thing very CLEAR: that thirsty Gatorade mascot of a transvestite WILL NEVER see $10,000,000 or anything close 2 a penny of my money.”

He continued:

People think because they read a headline in BOLD PRINT it’s true. She won a judgment of 10 million $’s & that means that a judge because I’m overseas has given this chicken a chance 2 MAYBE be able to afford a lifetime supply of lace front hair glue if my lawyers don’t respond to this suit by the 26th of this month which they will do tomorrow am. Soon as I’m home, me & my lawyers will EAT THIS CASE like a box of Minion Twinkies on sale at Walmart ! @VH1 has a seperate suit filed against them by this Thot Bot that they will also win because #1 this BIYATCH (Snoop’s voice) is a liar. She has a history of theft, fraud, prostitution arrests & a lot of other “Tranny Panty” activity in her past that makes this false claim irrelevant. Don’t be fooled by these accusations or the dollar amount in the headlines cause I put that on my favorite aunties poodle this broad ain’t gettin sh*t ! Every girl on that show will tell u I never touched this chick or ever desired to be anywhere near her. She got kicked off the show & as a result she filed this lame lawsuit which was probably her intentions before the show was ever even started. She was begging for my attention the entire time we shot the show & was given the ultimate Major League Baseball CURVE ball so that upset her & made her lil wee wee hard so she did what all chicks like her do when life gives them no other options…. They sue you ! This is really a crying shame so at this point I will use the crying shame emoji.

Taylor has reportedly lived up to his words and hasn’t given Rainey a dime, so now she’s coming for his royalties. The rapper has announced that he’s been working on his highly-anticipated forthcoming project, and will the possibility of making millions on the horizon, The Blast reports that Rainey wants a court to issue a judgment to seize Taylor’s rights, titles, and royalties until she’s paid in full.