The Game’s Latest #MarathonMonday Post Is All About Self-Love


The Game seemingly has no shortage of wise words that get shared to his thousands of Instagram followers every Monday. Each post has been accompanied by an image of Nipsey Hussle, to honour his fallen friend and his lasting impact. More recently, The Game went from posting almost every day to just posting once a week, calling it #MotivationMondays. 

“I will use the other 6 days of the week to continue giving you daily motivation and hope that it will give you the same fuel the previous posts have,” he wrote to his fans

The Game's Latest #MarathonMonday Post Is All About Self-Love
David Livingston/Getty Images

Today’s words of inspiration are all about self-love and starting with “you” first. “We are our biggest supporters. When did you start hatin on yourself? If your current thought process isn’t providing you with solutions then you must lack self-love,” The Game wrote.

“For one to lack self-love means you are too focused on the lives & lifestyles of others & pouring too much energy into trying to attain things that may not be for you.”

He added: “Everything YOU starts with YOU & don’t ever think you need to seek approval of others. We are all flawed humans…. no one person better than the other in God’s eyes.”

Read the post in full below.