The Game Says People Need To Chill Over Cardi B's Crip Diss


Earlier this month, Cardi B was receiving some threats from members Crips in L.A. The threat prompted her to increase the amount security she had during All-Star Weekend in L.A. and may have also played a factor to Migos heightened security as well. While the weekend has passed and she hasn’t faced any notable problems, people have still felt some type way about her words. The Game was recently spotted outside Cardi B’s performance in L.A. this weekend where he chimed in on the scenario.

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Game told TMZ that he spoke to Cardi B about the whole scenario over the weekend. While he admits that it is dangerous to be speaking about Crips that way, he said she didn’t mean anything by it and that she does understand the politics that goes on in L.A. when it comes to gang relations.

“That’s dangerous shit. But I talked to Cardi and she understands the politics in L.A.. She’s still who she is, that has to be respected. But there’s a position here that has to be respected.” He said, “A bunch people aren’t going to understand the politics but there are politics.”

He continues to explain that he didn’t help diffuse the situation and that he went to the venue to support Cardi.

“I like Cardi B. I like her music. I like what she stands for. She represents who I am and where I come from and everyone that’s overly trippin’ needs to chill. She a good girl, we holla’d about it. She ain’t mean nothing.” He said. “She got her thing that she representin’, that she stand for. It has to be respected. She from a whole different side America. We from a whole different side America. And people that took fense, sweep that shit under the rug.”

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You could watch the full clip below.