The Game Reflects On His Last Hangouts With Nipsey Hussle


The Game has certainly kept his word when he vowed to keep Nipsey Hussle’s memory alive. Continuing his ongoing “Marathon Monday” Instagram series, Game took a moment to reflect on some better days. Alongside a picture of a smiling Nipsey, Game kicked off his musings with some words of encouragement. “Everyday you are blessed to wake up, the 1st thing you should do is smile,” he writes. “I like this picture of lil bro because it shows how genuinely happy he was in this moment.”

He proceeds to reflect on their last time hanging out, which by Game’s account, sounds like a great time. “My last few times spent in his presence, it was all smiles, laughs & jokes. He stayed trying to get me to read books & strengthen my knowledge in all areas of life,” reminisces Game. “A specific time was earlier this year in the studio parking lot. I was coming & he was going. We stopped, dapped, hugged each other & proceeded to walk off & when I got to the studio door he said “Chuck, you read that book I told you to get (Game specifies it was “Slave Narratives”)?” 

The Game Reflects On His Last Hangouts With Nipsey Hussle

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Caught red-handed, Game opts for a tried-and-true response: “Aye, I tried.. but next time gimme the one wit pictures in it. He said, Aite Big blood.. I shouted, aite Loc (we would joke like that) then we went on with our lives. Lately I been thinking about the moments me & bro crossed paths or the times we texted about family, kids, rap drama, relationship shit…. all that & that specific moment popped in my head today so I thought I’d share.”

He proceeds to get a little existential, speaking on the nature of the world. “look at the world…. the good, the bad…. the things we do to each other, the natural disasters… the corrupt authority & lying ass government… everything. Just step back & take a look…… what is it all for ?? One day we will all parish, so why not spend the rest of our lives trying to better ourselves & those around us ? I’ll let you answer that for yourself.”

Check it out below, and respect to Game for holding it down – not to mention finally getting around to reading Nip’s recommendation. Look for more wisdom from Game come next Marathon Monday.