The Game Pines For The Days When Snitches Still Got Stitches


The Game is no stranger to a gangbanger's lifestyle. Having been one of the most popular Blood-repping rappers in hip-hop history, Game has long been associated with his gang ties, thus earning respect from the streets and his peers alike. And yet it's been over a decade since his introduction to the industry, and times have changed. Where a buzzing single was worth its weight in gold, today has social media antics as the dominant currency. As such, record labels have taken to salivating at the slightest hint of controversy, which in turn led to 6ix9ine securing a massive post-prison deal upon his release.

The Game Pines For The Days When Snitches Still Got Stitches

Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

The news left several key figures feeling disheartened, from Meek Mill to The Game. Himself no stranger to sparking controversy via the Gram, albeit never at the cost of his moral code, Game has weighed in on young Tekashi's recent good fortunes. "It used to be #SnitchesGetStitches," he begins, like a wistful father lamenting the days of a nickel Bazooka Joe. "These days its #SnitchesGetRecordDeals."

Not only does the former have a nicer ring to it, but it remains in keeping with hip-hop principles and traditions that have kept the genre moving for generations. And now, with snitches looking to prosper in a new era, all bets are indeed off. What might hip-hop look like in twenty-years, should this timeline reach its logical conclusion?