The Game Offers Alternative To Tekashi 6ix9ine Halloween Costumes


If you went out trick-or-treating last year, or if you went to a spooky Halloween party with your friends, chances are you witnessed at least one person with temporary tattoos all over their face, multicolour hair, and a brash attitude yelling out “It’s f*ckin’ Treyway!!!!!” in the middle of the club. That person was disguised as Tekashi 6ix9ine, who had one of the most popular costumes in 2018. At the time, the superstar was the reigning “King of New York,” meaning that his exposure was at an all-time high. With all eyes on the 23-year-old though, he ended up plummeting and now, he’s facing forty-seven years in prison. In case anybody was planning on disguising themselves as the rapper again next month, The Game has a message for you.

The Game Offers Alternative To Tekashi 6ix9ine Halloween Costumes
Liliane Lathan/Getty Images

As you likely know, The Game and Tekashi69 have a pretty ugly history. The two were at odds, despite being part of the same gang, for months. Game was one of Tek’s most ferocious rivals, continuously slamming him on social media and elsewhere online. During a video interview with TMZ photographers, the West Coast legend shared his thoughts on the eccentric artist after he ratted out a ton of people last week.

“I feel sad for that kid,” admitted Game about 69. “I feel sad for a lot of kids who get into this shit and don’t know what they doing.” The rapper notes that he knows Tekashi is just doing what he has to do to “save himself” but he added that “snitchin’ ain’t the way.” Then, when it came down to the question about Halloween costumes, Game said that anybody considering going as 6ix9ine should think hard about the decision. “I don’t know, just go out and open your mouth. Be a snitch for Halloween…” he said.