The Game Laments Fabolous' Assault Case: "Another Black Family Torn Apart"


Over the weekend, the generally respected rapper Fabolous found himself at the center a disturbing domestic abuse incident, in which he reportedly assaulted Emily B, the mother his children. Aside from the beating, he also uttered threats violence toward her family, which was captured on video. After turning himself in, recent reports allege that Fab is currently facing third degree charges aggravated assault and making terroristic threats; as each charge yields a potential sentence three to five years, it’s entirely possible that Fab could face nearly a decade in prison, should he face the full extent the law.

While the rapper is currently looking to a higher power for enlightenment, it would appear The Game has weighed in on the incident. Never far from controversy, the West Coast legend has taken a bigger-picture approach to his philosophizing, questioning what ramifications Fab’s imprisonment might have on his children. “Another black family torn apart on social media,” Game begins. “Look at everybody so happy to see them in shambles. Forget how this all plays out for their two young boys going forward or their daughter whose father figure was just plucked from the family picture by culture vultures.”

It’s unclear what The Game might be alluding to, though he clearly feels the internet is blowing something out proportion. The notion is also seconded by rapper Paul Cain, Fabolous’ brother, who weighed in on IG. Regardless how you might feel, the fact remains that a woman was beaten by her boyfriend, leading to the medical removal her damaged front teeth. Perhaps The Game will elaborate on his statement at a later date.