The Game Continues To Send Shots Toward Tekashi 6IX9INE


Looks like The Game wasn’t done with Tekashi 6IX9INE. This weekend, after the Compton-bred rapper led a chant saying, ‘F*ck 6ix9ine,’ during a tour stop in Europe and calling him a fake Blood, Tekashi would soon fire back at The Game, calling out the rapper for his appearance on a dating game show from back in the day, questioning his validity as a “known gangster.”

As it turns out, The Game is playing no games with the controversial Brooklyn rapper, whose past involving a guilty plea to sex crimes with a minor and what’s deemed as illegitimacy in his gang affiliation has made him Public Enemy No. 1 in plenty circles.

“This the bum y’all let call himself the king New York,” The Game penned in the first three Instagram posts that would serve to discredit Tekshi 6IX9INE’s reputation as he uploaded an old photo the rapper, born Daniel Hernandez, before the fame in a snapshot that is a striking contrast to the artist we know today. “This really the n*gga running round talkin bout he been a blood his whole life …] You a nice guy, look at that smile…cut the tuff shit out before it’s too late. Sweater tied around ya neck.”

He’d go on to address Tekashi, bringing into question his gang affiliation, alleging that the rapper switched from being a Crip to a Blood, and alluding to his own experiences as a gang member coming up in Los Angeles. “Now, I wasn’t gone say shit else to this buster ass phony cuz I’m way beyond this peon but he disrespected my city & a rag I put in my pocket, lost countless homies, relatives & my own brother over …] This right here takes the mothafuckin cake tho !!!! “BLUE BANDANA BEDSPREAD” now you the king NY bloods.. I’m fuckin crying homie,” Game wrote.

In the next post, The Game took a familiar route in referencing Tekashi’s criminal past in which he was convicted using a minor to perform sexual acts—a past that has given the rapper’s opposition room to label him a rapist and pedophile. “Went from a rapist in 2016, to tryna be a crip in 2017 to running the bloods in NY in 2018,” Game penned, “You got the 69 from giving n*ggas head while they gave you head lil weirdo & brooklyn n*ggas made you dye ya hair cuz you was they bitch…. how long you thought you was gone get away wit this charade?”

All the while, Tekashi continues to brush f the criticism on his own socials as he celebrated his “BILLY” video hitting the 26,000,000 view mark in two weeks while sending a subliminal The Game’s way. “Nobody want to come to New York…. I been on the west coast in and out .. it’s easy to talk shit from ya house…]we at 26,000,000 it makes 2 weeks today.”

Considering both emcee’s unwillingness to back down from a disagreement or two, we may not be anywhere near the end this spat, but let’s hope that it doesn’t quite stretch to the violent end that ten comes attached to such beefs.