The Game Appalled By LAPD Officers Speaking Foul Of Nipsey Hussle’s Parents


Moments ago, The Game released audio of a police officer on duty during the Nipsey Hussle vigil speaking foul of his parents. While the audio clipping doesn’t take away from the emotional gravity everyone felt when watching the speeches. It does, however, reinforce a need for institutions like the Nation of Islam to take up space in situations where the well-being of Black men and women is of utmost importance.

The Game Appalled By LAPD Officers Speaking Foul Of Nipsey Hussle's Parents

Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

The Game provided both the audio and his own assessment of the officer’s disparaging remarks, which I’ll annotate for you right now. The audio, which loops around unless you pause it manually, shows the unnamed officers making fun of Nipsey’s parents, on the basis of their appearance. The cop feminizes his father and refers to his mother in a similar manner. His colleague nods along approvingly.

“Audio of what seems to be LAPD officers intercepted on police radio & caught disrespecting Nips parents, his home-going & celebration SMFH,” writes The Game. “Then y’all stupid mothafuckas wonder why nobody has faith in the legal system or this corrupt police force/government. This shit is disgusting & the voices in this video if they are in fact police officers should be recognized by other officers & they should be brought to the light !!!! Protect & serve right ??!!?!? Fuck outta here !!!”

As this story takes on a life of its own, commenters will revisit the question: where was The Game while the Nipsey Hussle vigil was going down? And on that note, how did get his hands on this audio clipping? Be sure to stick around for the inevitable updates to this developing story.