The Clermont Twins Plump Their Puckers To Prep For Jail Time


The clock is ticking for the Clermont twins, the inseparable duo will soon be split apart as Shannade Clermont checks-in to serve her 1-year prison sentence linked to a guilty verdict for wire fraud. Despite the date wherein she is to turn herself in fast approaching, the sisters have been living their best life as though unbothered. Most recently, we even reported on the carefree criminal making light of her sentence. Next up, the social media personality asked a judge for permission to take a quick vacation to Miami before going to jail. At the way things are going, the Clermont twin is beginning to make jail sound like a short stay in Bali. 

As such, reports by Bossip revealed the twins were recently spotted getting cosmetic enhancements. It looks like the Miami trip were granted because both Shannade and Shannon Clermont stopped by MCR, a medical spa based in Miami, to plump their lips in an effort to keep up with their signature plastic doll image. Their puckers were shared on the spa’s official Instagram account, but the ensuing negative comments led the business to delete the photo. It looks like the people were not here for the swole lip movement or the twins’ antics.