The Chemical Brothers Announce ‘Surrender’ Reissue, Share ‘Eve Of Destruction’ Watch


We still can't stop listening to The Chemical Brothers' ninth studio album No Geography. It's a blood-pumping soul thriller that takes you back to raves glory days while blazing a brilliant path toward electronic music's future, and today (June 10), the LP's opening apocalypse "Eve of Destruction" gets a colorful, cartoon-realness music video.

The clip features collaborators Aurora and Nene dressed as sci-fi fantasy super heroines. They take on shaggy sound suit monsters in bossy, beat-matched time, bringing physical dimension to the song's active energy. The visual is ripped right from The Chemical Brothers' interactive live performance, a beautiful bonding experience between dancers and the duo, which next comes to New York City and Montreal Aug. 1 and 3, respectively.

The "Eve of Destruction" video drops concurrently with news that the duo's third album Surrender will get a 20th-anniversary reissue this fall. The deluxe release will feature previously unreleased mixes of album tracks dubbed the "Secret Psychedelic Mixes," as well as restored promo videos and video of the group's Glastonbury 2000 performance on DVD. Limited editions will feature colored 10" vinyl, will more release details to emerge.

Jump into action with the "Eve Of Destruction" video below.