The Chainsmokers Provide a Hyped-Up Wake-Up on 'Good Morning America': Watch


It's been a wild four years for The Chainsmokers. The guy's went from underground darlings to dance floor punchlines when breakout single "#Selfie" went viral. They fought through the frat dude jokes and came out on top with 2017's album Memories...Do Not Open, an LP that held the top spot on the Hot Dance/Electronic Albums chart for more than a year after its release. Now, the duo makes appearances in support its latest EP, and they're ready to talk about the "Side Effects" such a strange, whirlwind personal and pressional journey.

Sick Boy...Side Effects tackles a lot personal issues on a lyrical level. It's about the harsh spotlight sudden fame and the quiet moments in between arena crowd cheers that leave you thinking. Still, The Chainsmokers are an arena act now, and they've got tons screaming fans to appease. Also, they clearly love what they do as they sing and dance on a stage erected in Central Park. A couple New York boys make good to Good Morning America, performing new hits alongside the old.

Before getting into "Side Effects" with collaborator Emily Warren, "Paris" and "Somebody" (featuring an appearance from collaborator Drew Love), The Chainsmokers catch up with host Michael Strahan to talk keeping their energy up on the road and how it felt to dance awkwardly alongside J. Lo during a recent gig at their Las Vegas residency. Turns out the dance-pop duo have made friends with the icon -- and A-Rod.

Watch the full interview and catch the live performances in the videos below.