The Breakfast Club Has Never Heard Of Tay-K Or "The Race"


The Breakfast Club seem to be behind every piece footage that goes viral. Whether it’s DJ Khaled coming out as a selfish lover or Birdman touching down for his respect, the Breakfast Club consistently put the onus on hip hop to become the most pervasive medium on the planet. With that comes a certain responsibility to be kept abreast. One moment in particular during Meek Mill’s interview this past week felt somewhat disconcerting.

During the portion the interview in which Meek Mill was explaining his views on “the emphasis younger fan,” he brought Tay-K into the conversation. The complete table including Charlamagne, Envy and Angela Yee, all in unison had absolutely no idea whom Meek Mill was referring to. Tay-K, you should know, created a stir when he released his viral single “The Race” in the midst a fugitive run. Tay-K was running from the law, in part to create a buzz her music. The jig went to work and Tay-K was soon labelled a political prisoner law enforcement’s believed isolation rappers as instigators violence.

Meek mentioned how his younger child really looked up to Tay-K, as do many young fans who are excited to see youth represented in the culture. By and large, the Breakfast Club does more good than damage, but they definitely deserved a “Donkey the Day” for their lack awareness on this one. It only fuels conservative beliefs that New York radio is maybe too self-interested for its own good.