The Braxton Sisters Want Toni & Birdman To Marry And Quit Their "Tennis Match"


If it was up to the Braxton sisters, Toni and Brian "Birdman" Williams would be sent away until they returned with a marriage license. Towanda and Traci Braxton don't carry as much weight as their younger sister Tamar. That being said, a lesser role within the family business doesn't appear to limit their media outreach when they have something to get off their chest. They do, after all, share the same reality TV platform. And as you know, reality TV is a full-on intrusion with star-making potential. It won't be long til Traci and Towanda are within the same quadrant as their slightly more famous sisters.

The Braxton Sisters Want Toni & Birdman To Marry And Quit Their "Tennis Match"

Charley Gallay/Getty Images

As you might have heard, Toni Braxton and Birdman consciously re-coupled after several years apart. In February of 2018, Toni Braxton confirmed her engagement to the Cash Money Bazillionaire during a telecast of Braxton Family Values, by presenting physical evidence of a diamond-encrusted ring to back her claims. Later on in the year, they broke things off, only to re-emerge a "romantic item" in 2019. As a result, Towanda and Traci are growing frustrated with what they deemed a "tennis game" of epic proportions. Nobody within Braxton inner-circle is buying into Toni's back-and-forth, much less her two sisters, who resorted to Page Six to get their message across.

“I hope they do elope,” Towanda Braxton told Page Six in a recorded segment, before surmising on a potential date for her sister's nuptial arrangement. "Oh my God! We don’t know what date it is," she continued in distress. "They kept changing the date. He was going to put the date on his forehead. It’s just too much. I think they should go ahead and elope."

You'll have to tune into the next broadcast of Braxton Family Values if you are at all interested in seeing how this plays out. As it stands, Towanda and Traci Braxton won't be holding the mug for much longer, because it doesn't take a seeing-eye dog to spot a publicity stunt when a lesser Braxton is in play. All we can wish for at this point, is a windfall of good fortune to the Braxton collective, so long as they keep us entertained.