The Brand New EP Pages Of Me: Chapter One by 5’2 Is Here To Make You Wait For Chapter Two Already


The aspiring American female rapper 5’2 releases her latest collection of 7 tracks – an EP titled Pages Of Me: Chapter One.
The collection of 7 songs includes even a bonus track. The EP is a sophisticated combination of powerful freestyling with top-notch quality deliveries. Packed full of delicious hooks, gorgeous vocals by 5’2, and displaying an interesting sonic direction, she switches up between moods, showing listeners her mature style along with her fascinating and raw flow.
Pages Of Me: Chapter One is a coherent set of one bop after another one, featuring great instrumentals, beats, and extremely relatable lyrics. Although, we think that the EP might have benefitted even more if she went for a more experimental and weird approach, but the vibes throughout it make-up for that.
In general, Pages Of Me: Chapter One is a record worth savoring and it stands alongside this new generation of Hip Hop talents while perfectly saving that classic touch.

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