The Black Keys Get Therapy in Super Tense ‘Go’ Watch


Does absence really make the heart grow fonder? Not according to The Black Keys. In the hilarious video for "Go," which dropped on Thursday morning (May 16), the blues rocking duo are forced to undergo some musical couples therapy at a peace-and-love retreat after five years of estrangement and the results are anything but groovy. 

The visual for the latest song off the pair's upcoming "Let's Rock" (June 28) album was directed by Bryan Schlam and drummer Patrick Carney said in a statement that, "It was great making this video with Bryan, partially because it was filmed at the very type of place it is making fun of," with singer Dan Auerbach adding, “The video was fun, but we still haven’t spoken.” They're kidding. We think.

The clip opens with the pair looking very uncomfortable on a couch as a therapist reminds them, "You haven't spoken to each other in five years. And according to your contract with Warner Bros., if you continue not to speak to each other they retain the option to send you to the next level of mediation. You do realize what that means, right? You're not gonna like it. You are the Black Keys, goddammit. America's sweethearts."

Their stony silence lands them at the Happy Trails Intentional Community & Spiritual Retreat, where they are super annoyed by all the smudging, hippie dancing and meditation as they rock out in a field while playing the loose-limbed, sunny garage rock jam. A sip of magic tea helps them see the light (aka a giant pile of cash), though, and they finally realize what matters to them.

The band recently set a record by becoming the first band to top all four Rock Airplay charts simultaneously with the song "Lo/Hi." The group's North American tour will kick off on Sept. 21 at the Life is Beautiful festival in Las Vegas.

Watch "Go" below.