The Best Superhero Shows & Movies On Netflix Right Now


It’s 2018, and superheroes are real. There isn’t a street in America that Chadwick Boseman can walk down without someone attempting to give him the “Wakanda Forever” crossed arms. The same goes for Robert Downey Jr., who is Iron Man whether he is on a movie set or not. Nobody can even look at Stephen Amell without connecting him to Green Arrow, and Gal Gabot will forever be the viewed as the wonderous hero that saved DC from complete failure. Maybe that’s why the obsession with superhero movies and shows is at an all-time high. Since we don’t have any real-life superheroes with extraordinary powers, we can view the people that play them in the same light.

Many aggravated actors and directors are praying on the onset superhero fatigue, most notably James Cameron (who’s probably more concerned with Marvel replacing his top spots on the all-time grossing list) and Jodie Foster (who compared superhero flicks to fracking). Their prayers have not been heard. Avengers: Infinity War is currently blazing through every record imaginable, and the sequel will most likely do the same. Black Panther became a cultural movement and a box fice juggernaut. Even looking back eleven years ago to Heath Ledger’s portrayal The Joker is pro that superhero movies are more than just big budgets and spectacular fight scenes (even though those do help).

Netflix has a long list superhero content. From TV series and movies, to their own exclusive shows, the streaming site has a bit everything for everybody. Like always, the issue digging through all the content is time-consuming. Wasting time trying to pick the right movie to watch, or to decide which series to binge, can be exasperating. That’s why we did the job for you. Here is our list the best superhero movies and shows on Netflix right now.