The Best Shows To Binge Watch On Netflix Right Now


Binging is usually frowned up. Unless, course, you’re binge-watching a Netflix series. Guiltily dressed in the same clothes from yesterday, with snacks sprawled across their laps, people around the world glue their eyes to their television sets for hours on end to scratch that insatiable series binging itch. Few things feel more satisfying than being deeply immersed in a series, yet nothing feels emptier than completing a massive series that caused you to invest part your life, and all your emotions, into it.

What did people do twenty years ago when they wanted to watch their favorite shows, uninterrupted, for hours? VHS recordings? That sounds inefficient and annoying. It also leads me to believe that binge-watching shows is a relatively new activity. Something that millennials probably grew accustomed to from either purchasing shows on DVD, or watching TheFresh Prince reruns for hours at a time on late night television. No matter where it originated, binge-watching is one the most rewarding guilty pleasures, and one that we encourage you to indulge in.

The Netflix catalog is immense. There are diamonds, and there are duds, buried within the seemingly limitless list shows. Remember dealing with cable in the past? 999 channels and seemingly nothing to watch? That’s how Netflix can feel sometimes, but we got your back. Maneuvering through the list shows was no easy task, but we have compiled a list the best shows to binge on Netflix right now. Critically acclaimed series like Master None and Mad Men are obvious selections, but silent hits like Ozark and international masterpieces like Peaky Blinders and Luther should have your respect and attention as well. In order from longest to watch to shortest, here are the ten best shows to binge watch on Netflix right now.