"The Bells" Is "Game Of Thrones" Worst-Reviewed In Show’s History


Warning: Spoilers Ahead. 

Game of Thrones season 8 has grasped everyone’s attention since it began. After all, it did gather over one billion viewers to its premiere. Yet despite the suspense and tragedy contained within the action-packed episodes which sparked varied reactions from viewers, recent reports by HYPEBEAST indicate the show’s most recent episode did not do well with GoT fans. Accordingly, “The Bells” left many viewers disappointed and/or unsatisfied.

Sunday night’s penultimate episode was recently pinpointed as the worst-reviewed episode in the entire show’s history. Rotten Tomatoes previewed the latter at the time of the episode’s first writing and its critics cited: “too much plot in too little time muddles the story and may leave some viewers – and maybe Cersei – feeling its conclusions are a little unearned.” The former lead to a 44% score from the film-critic platform. 

Furthermore, fans have taken their displeasure to social media by calling out a series of plot holes which failed to be accounted for. Fans called out a major editing mistake and expressed a dislike for the chosen character arcs. Clearly, folks were not pleased with the turn of events. Though it is important to note the final episode of the series still remains and will air this upcoming, Sunday, May 19th. Hence, the show might still be able to redeem itself with a better ending. A glimpse into the series’ final episode can be found here.