The B-52’s on Final Tour: ‘We’re Not Going to Just Stop Cold’


It's been 11 years since the B-52's released new music, dating back to its 2008 album Funplex. But the troupe, currently on a North American tour celebrating the 40th anniversary of its first album, plans to send some fresh stuff our way in the near future.

The group's Fred Schneider confirms to Billboard that the group is "scheduled to do two more songs" soon to accompany "a deluxe package of all our records" that's expected out during 2020. "They're releasing deluxe this, deluxe that every year," Schneider says, "so we're planning to record two more songs." Schneider says that Keith Strickland, who's retired from touring with the B-52's, will be writing the music for the songs, with Schneider, Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson adding lyrics.

No timetable has been specified for the tracks, but Schneider indicated it won't be until after the tour, with OMD and Berlin, wraps up in late October. Schneider also counters perception that the trek is a farewell tour but does say the B-52's will be approaching live work in a different way from now on. "We won't be doing any major tours anymore, but we'll be doing gigs and festivals and things like that," he explains. The group does have a one-off show booked for Nov. 16 in Mexico City and will be part of the 80s Cruise setting sail next March 8 from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

"We still kick ass," boasts Schneider, who's created a Fred's Monster Blend for Breyting Community Roasters in DeLand, Fla., where he resides. "It's 40 years of friendship — more, really — and still going strong. We didn't know what we were doing back when we started and it just kind of snowballed. I'm ready to relax, a little, but we're not going to just stop cold."