The 9 Best Things We Saw at Voodoo Fest On Day 3


The final day of the 2019 Voodoo Arts + Music Experience on Sunday (Oct. 27) felt like a reward for those who had attended all three days, as the sun shined brightly after two days of rainy and gloomy weather.

That helped make sets from the likes of Ashe, Hippo Campus, Big Wild and Bring Me the Horizon even more enjoyable, with Post Malone capping off the weekend in epic fashion.

Check out Billboard's highlights from day three of Voodoo Fest below.

Maggie Lindemann's No Doubt Cover

Maggie Lindemann played three covers throughout her 45-minute set, first delivering a smooth rendition of Amy Winehouse's "You Know I'm No Good" then later performing The Animals' "The House of the Rising Sun." But it was her final cover, No Doubt's "Spiderwebs," that stole the show, as Lindemann was clearly the most excited to sing that tune. If her energy didn't show it, her black and pink No Doubt shirt did. 

The Ghost of Paul Revere's witty banter

"I'm excited to be here, I guess – I already broke a string," The Ghost of Paul Revere's Griffin Sherry said after the band finished their first song. The group had silly quips like that throughout their hour-long performance, which also saw several mini jam sessions complete with a banjo, guitar and harmonica for songs like" As We Know," "Wild Child," and tunes from their forthcoming album Good at Losing Everything. After Sean McCarthy mentioned that none of them have seen the night's headliner, Post Malone, he also jokingly told the crowd about why he loves New Orleans. "They let you drink in cars as long as you've got a straw in it, and a banjo and Post Malone are playing the same stage. That's a beautiful thing right there." 

Ashe's carefree energy

Ashe served as her own hype woman, yelling "Let's f—ing go!" several times and dancing along as she sang tracks like "In Disguise" and "Used to It." But her energy and positivity were infectious, which led several crowd members to say how much they loved her. While she was fun to simply just watch (and she was barefoot, which added to her charm) Ashe made her set meaningful too, telling fans, "I'm calling bullshit on our culture and saying that you should only ever have to be who you are to give and receive love." In the same vein, she encouraged the crowd to toss up middle fingers to the haters during her closing song "Sometimes People Suck," which marked her final performance of the year as she just wrapped her first ever headlining tour. "This a f—ing way to end it, man," she said, running over to her drummer for a high five before leaving the stage. 


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Hippo Campus' sunny day vibes

As the sun beamed on the main stage, Minnesota alt-rock group Hippo Campus provided the perfect soundtrack for the bright day with songs like "Bambi," "Don't Bring Me Down" and "Buttercup." Though they mostly let the music do the talking, frontman Jake Luppen dropped in a couple oddball comments like "If anyone has mushrooms feel free to throw them on the stage." No mushrooms seemed to be in sight, but their electric guitar-heavy vibe was still rather psychadelic as the crowd swayed along to every song. 

Temples' strong hair game

The British rock group's early evening set felt like a time warp mostly thanks to their '80s style hairdos, with lead singer James Bagshaw sporting a perm and his band mates rocking shaggy looks. Temples were certainly one of the most classic looking groups, perhaps because they were rocking sunglasses — but Bagshaw insisted that's not a typical part of the band's appearance. "We don't usually do this bullshit thing, 'Oh yeah, if you're in a rock n roll band, you wear sunglasses.' It's just so we can see, just so you know," he said. "It's like people that have spectacles." But guitarist Tom Warmsley's response to that comment proved Temples are still very rock n roll: "F–k sunglasses."

Bring Me the Horizon's elaborate production

Though they weren't the night's headliners, Bring Me The Horizon treated their main stage set as such. They created a metalcore version of an arena pop show, with a multi-level structure, backup dancers (who wore creepy masks the entire time) and eerie visuals like leeches crawling in and out of a man's mouth. Whether the band was playing a screamo track like "The House of Wolves" or a more alt-rock track like "Wonderful Life," each part of the show had its own moment, like a pep rally complete with cheerleaders for "Hapoy Song." But it was undeniably a rock show, with frontman Oli Sykes demanding that the crowd create both a circle pit and mosh pit, and one fan crowd surfed with a broken leg — crutches and all. 

Big Wild's religious-like experience

Jackson Stell, aka producer Big Wild, made his time on stage feel almost spiritual, as his airy productions and dream-like visuals presented an ethereal aesthetic. His own silvery voice was accompanied by three female vocalists who had powerful voices that soared on "Alley-Oop" and "Maker." The way Stell bid adieu to the crowd was a fitting close to the otherworldly set: "Thank you so much for vibing with us on a beautiful night."

Halloween's last hurrah

Okay, so Halloween hasn't actually happened yet, but the final day of Voodoo Fest saw one last round of crazy costumes (until Oct. 31 arrives). Costumes should really be a requirement for all festivals, because it's quite entertaining to watch people dressed as tacos rocking out, and a dinosaur ordering a drink at a bar. In addition to costumes, one festivalgoer brought a fake spider web that spread all across the top of Big Wild's crowd, which was pretty awesome.

Post Malone's "Rockstar" set list

Performing a slightly abbreted version of his current Runaway Tour set, Post Malone played hit after hit to close out Voodoo Fest 2019. In between playing older favorites like "White Iverson" and "I Fall Apart," Post sprinkled tracks from his latest LP Hollywood's Bleeding including the title track and even the Ozzy Osbourne-assisted "Take What You Want" (which featured a fittingly creepy video of Ozzy singing his part). His production was fit for a hit-making superstar, too, with either fireworks, flames or lasers flying for every song.

While the show was flawless, Post's commentary reminded that he's still just a regular, goofy dude. "Fire's fucking cool, man!" he exclaimed at one point, later admitting before performing "Stay" acoustically, "I played a couple beer pong games before the show, so if I f— up the words y'all gotta help me." And while the massive crowd clearly enjoyed hearing songs like "Sunflower" and "Better Now," Post wanted to make sure there was an impactful takeaway from his set: "No hate, no bullshit, just love."