The 9 Best Things We Learned From Camila Cabello's 'Rolling Stone' Interview


Camila Cabello appears on the latest cover Rolling Stone for a heartwarming feature that chronicles the 21-year-old pop singer’s rise to stardom. The chart-topper keeps it candid and opens up about everything from her friendship with Taylor Swift and family life to where she first started recording her own music (according to Cabello, “acoustics are good in bathrooms”).

Here are the nine best things we learned from Cabello’s Rolling Stone interview.

She’s friendly, relatable and definitely a hugger

Cabello comes across as down-to-earth throughout the feature. She reportedly hugs everyone she encounters, from waiters to “music managers, daughters music managers, moms daughters music managers” to her adoring fans. It’s also revealed in the interview that she doesn’t like to sleep alone and endearingly shares the bed with her mom while on the road. Further, an ideal night for Cabello might involve her “vices”: Oreos, movies and baths.

She met Taylor Swift through another famous friend, Hailee Steinfeld

Cabello is currently opening for Taylor Swift on the Reputation tour, and she told Rolling Stone the story how the pair first met. The “Havana” singer was going through her first breakup when a mutual friend, actress and singer Hailee Steinfeld, introduced her to Swift. After T. Swift learned the breakup, she helped cheer Cabello up by inviting her over for a girls night that Haim may or may not have been at. “She sent me a breakup playlist and said, ‘Come over. Let's talk about it,'” Cabello said in the interview. 

She reportedly sang 45 percent the lyrics in Fifth Harmony’s songs

The pop star notably came into the spotlight after Simon Cowell brought her and four fellow female singers (Normani Kordei, Ally Brooke, Dinah Jane and Lauren Jauregui) together to form the girl group Fifth Harmony. While Cabello left the group in 2016, the lyric annotation site Genius did some research to find that she sang 45 percent the lyrics when she was still a member.

Cabello’s manager, Roger Gold, was instantly captivated by her talent

When Cabello set her sights on going solo, she began hiring a team and working with producers to make that happen. When Roger Gold joined the team as Cabello’s manager, she sent him all the tracks that she had previously worked on — and he didn’t sleep because he couldn’t help listening to them all. “I didn't assume that a girl from a manufactured pop group was going to have this level talent. I couldn't believe what I was hearing,” Gold told Rolling Stone.

She first started writing music when she was 16

The performer joined Fifth Harmony in 2012 when she was 15 years old. Shortly after, she began writing her own songs. While Cabello initially wanted to fer them for other artists to sing, she realized how private some the matter was and decided to preserve her own stories. “I was like, ‘I don't want to give this to any other people because this is about my first kiss. This is about this guy that I have a crush on. This is my story,'” she said.

Her debut self-titled album had the working title The Hurting, the Healing, the Loving

Following her departure from Fifth Harmony, Cabello needed a way to process the situation and the backlash she faced from internet trolls. Swift encouraged her to “write it out,” and she put it all into the music. This initially led to Cabello using the title The Hurting, the Healing, the Loving as an example her dealing with it all — but she changed it to the title Camila, her eponymous debut album that came out this past January.

Cabello was extremely shy in school

The artist once auditioned for a school musical by singing Beyoncé’s Dreamgirls-era ballad “Listen.” Once she secured a role in the play, Cabello asked her teacher not to give her the main part — citing an extreme shyness that made her question whether she was cut out for the spotlight. Luckily, she later took a chance to audition for The X Factor, which gave her a chance to reinvent herself as Camila (she previously went by her first name Karla). The rest, course, is history.

She’s romantically involved, but keeps her beau’s identity private

Cabello told Rolling Stone about a retreat that her boyfriend hosted where she ultimately learned the valuable lesson living without regrets (which led to a resolve to make more time for family). She wouldn’t reveal her beau’s identity, but she did say that she’s “the happiest I’ve ever been.”

She still lives at home with her parents

Cabello is super family-oriented — even mentioning in the interview that she recently went home to see her sister in a play because her family is “just like that and goes] hard for each other.” She also shared that she still lives in the family home in Miami — a gift she purchased for her parents — and that she makes her way back home as ten as possible.