The 6 Best Drake 'Scorpion' Remixes


Drake must have an angel on his team, because his continued success seems to be "God's Plan." The Canadian rapper and singer's album Scorpion is his eighth No. 1 on the Billboard 200. It's also earned him three more No. 1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 (so far), and even with 24 tracks, it felt like he recorded the double album without breaking a sweat. 

Of course, even Drake admits he couldn't do this on his own. He's got a sick team behind him making every tune the best it can be, and as soon as his releases drop, he's got the best DJs and producers in the world ready to spin, rinse and remix his songs into new mixes, edits and sounds, as if he needed to be any more universal. Below, we celebrate the magic Drake's fifth studio album with a special Scorpion edition remixes. 

Drake - "Don't Matter to Me" feat. Michael Jackson (Junior Sanchez Remix)

What could possibly be better than Drake with a Michael Jackson hook? How about a super-slick house remix  said Drake song by Junior Sanchez? It's five minutes near-perfect groove with a persistent drum beat and atmospheric synths that draw you in like warm water on a cool night.

Drake - "In My Feelings" (DJ Sliink & DJ Jayhood Remix)

Jersey Club is the perfect new rhythm for this already pumped-up beat. The original sparked a dance craze, a meme and a million complaints from people all like "don't get out the car and drive." This remix "In My Feelings" from Jersey Cub kings DJ Sliink and DJ Jayhood will have you jumping f beds, onto hoods and f ladders to work its ultimate bounce. 

Drake - "God's Plan" (Thoreau Trap Remix)

This is a remix and a cover at the same time. A smooth trap beat adds extra color to the vibrant ego stroke. There's something blissfully bold about this beat, and the xylophone melody gives it a breezy feel. The future bass hook is explosive. Definitely let this one ride all the way through.

Drake - "God's Plan" (Sevnth & Alo Remix)

Speaking chill, slightly tropical Drake covers, this remix "God's Plan" from Sevnth & Alo is equally delicious, featuring a female vocal that drips with coy sensuality. There's something slightly Asiatic about the percussive melody on this one. Once again, the new drop is future trap finesse, so def let it come through in full. Shout out the "From Time" mash-up at the end.

Drake - "Nice for What" (Elektrik Disko Remix)

Did someone ask for the perfect upbeat nu-disco take on "Nice for What"? I know shorty, and she wanted a perky beat she could step to in some glitter platforms. There's something absolutely magnetic about this energetic take. You won't be able to contain yourself, and it starts funky right from the jump. Make that ass jump and hit the angles until the mix out and then some.

Drake - "Don't Matter to Me" feat. Michael Jackson (Stuck on Mars Remix)

Heavy-footed bass womps and light-hearted synths breathe new life into this No. 9 Hot 100 hit. A new vocal blends Drake and Jackson's parts into one seamless sing-along. It's got attitude, but it's laid-back -- just like the lyrical message. Let Stuck on Mars' remix "Don't Matter to Me" get stuck in your head.