The 5 Best Nas Remixes


He's been one the illest since his first album, and he's still coming for the crown. Nas is Brooklyn made, a real started-from-the-bottom case how hustle, brains, nerve and talent can make a King or Queen any boy or girl. His music is honest and inspiring, raw and exciting, hard and unbridled. No wonder his name gets brought up when you speak the greatest.

He may have dropped an album produced by the don Kanye West, but even his classic beats inspire producers around the world. From lo-fi hip-hop takes to jazzy riffs and full-on electronic dance reworks, these are our six favorite Nas remixes.

Nas – “Made You Look” (Drezo Remix)

“Made You Look” was originally released in 2002 on Nas' album God's Son.  Drezo gives this classic Nas tune an industrial rinse as mean as the streets that raised the MC. We're a slave to the rave when this dark boom hits the room. This'll make you crunch your face when you dance.

Nas – “Shootouts” (Izzamuzzic Remix)

Get introspective and light one to this heady beat from Izzamuzzic. Nas lets loose the troubled tale how drugs and hard time can take the strength from even the most proud. It's a hard road to rock bottom, and some never come back, but this beat can help ease the pain life's troubles, and it hits sweeter than any narcotic.

Nas – “Nas Is Like” (Poldoore Remix)

Another laidback beat on this remix 1999's “Nas Is Like,” f I Am… Poldoore gives the boom bap a big boost with a melodic undercurrent that keeps your head floating while it knocks. Tune in to the lyrics and be blessed with Nas' storytelling, or let the beat ride and feel the vibe through the music.

Nas – “Life's A Bitch” Feat. A.Z. (Sourface Remix)

The original “Life's a Bitch” already had a cool breeze beat, but this remix from Sourface makes it even sweeter. The Illmatic favorite rings ever more beautiful over this updated rhythm, but it's still wild to think Nas was only 20 when he wrote these wise words.

Nas – “One Love” Feat. Q-Tip, Lei-An (FunkyDL Remix)

We end our list with the jazziest remix the bunch. “One Love” is where Nas gives the world some tough lessons, but FunkDL's heavenly cut helps the medicine go down. We could listen to this one all night, so 'pon the replay and keep rollin' 'til you don't have nothing left.