The 5 Best Machine Gun Kelly Remixes and Covers


When you think "missionary family," you don't quite think "rappers in training," but an international lifestyle mixed with real-world hardship fed Richard Baker the cocktail experience necessary to grow up and become Machine Gun Kelly. The vengeful MC grabbed a mic and started putting his youthful rage into words, and before too long, those songs and mixtapes started to get him big looks. 

Eminem may not be a fan, but this Cleveland-representer has earned his stripes on the charts. He's had four Hot 100 singles and just as many releases on the Billboard 200 albums list. MGK has made waves in the rock and hip-hop communities, and has what it takes to cross over into the pop mainstream.

He's got venom in his voice and honey in his melodies, exactly the kind bad boy swagger that young fans want to hear. It opens him up to flattery by imitation, and that means skilled remixes and covers some his biggest hits. He's an inspiring figure, and we celebrate his catalog with this list some his best songs reimagined.

Machine Gun Kelly – "Bad Things" Feat. Camila Cabello (Galician Army Remix)

A melodic assist from Camila Cabello brought Kelly a No. 4 hit on the Hot 100. This remix from Galician Army is a bright, future pop rinse with a trappy edge. It's got serious bounce, enough to have you doing your own "Bad Things" on the dance floor.

Machine Gun Kelly – "Till I Die" (Cavs Remix)

Turn things down and get a little evil with this Cavs remix "Till I Die." The original features a nasty, roaring vocal pattern from Kelly, and the remix brings its punchiest elements to life with thumping bass and pitch-perfect piano key touches. Those screeching synths and wailing guitar bring the tension up to perfect heights.

Machine Gun Kelly – "Bad Things" Feat. Camila Cabello (Sam Tsui, Madilyn Bailey, KHS COVER)

Another emotional take on "Bad Things," this time as a piano cover from some YouTube favorites. Sam Tsui and Madilyn Bailey mix their lty voices like angels flying through clouds. KHS brings out the song's classical side on his ivory keys, but the drum machine beat keeps things moving on the floor.

Machine Gun Kelly – "Till I Die" (Cover by Wildways)

Trunk rattling is cool, but sometimes, you just want to hard-grip a guitar neck and shred some crunchy chords. This cover "Till I Die" from Wildways reimagines the Kelly tune as a throat-bleeding metal beater. This one will leave you bloody and battered in the best sort way. Open up the pit, and never stop thrashing.

Machine Gun Kelly – "Bad Things" Feat. Camila Cabello (Macy Kate Cover)

Macy Kate is another YouTube cover artist who makes Kelly's "Bad Things" sound extra heavenly. A subtle take amped up with a cool, future beat, you'll find yourself hanging on every warbling, attitude-filled word. Her rap-sing style is a breath fresh air on the fan favorite.