The 5 Best Bazzi Remixes


Vine may be long gone, but the stars it gave us continue to wow and delight, especially Bazzi. The 20-year-old singer-songwriter is burning up the charts with his breakout hit “Mine.” Released in October, the playful soul-pop production caught international flames when it was incorporated with a special Snapchat lens, but it only takes one chance listening to get hooked on its swinging chorus.

But don't dismiss Bazzi as a one-hit wonder: His catalog is full steamy, sensual gems that speak a spirit more sensitive and wise than many his peers. Songs including “Beautiful,” “Sober” and “Honest” will leave you shaken in your seat. Bazzi's songs burn with desire and sizzle with regret. He's a must listen for those who need more Justin Bieber and The Weeknd in their lives. Be sure to give his debut album Cosmic a solid listen.

Of course, the true test popularity is the amount great remixes one inspires. Bazzi has DJs and producers around the country cooking up cool rinses for his biggest hits. Here, we give you five our favorite Bazzi remixes, sure to turn your party up and out any moment the day or night.

Bazzi – “Mine” (Eden Prince Remix)

“Mine” is a huge hit because its duality. Bazzi doesn't mince words when counting the ways he enjoys his lover, but even as he drops F-bombs and speaks bluntly sex acts, he sings tenderly over an innocent beat. Eden Prince keeps that adorable vibe with a tinkering, future-R&B rhythm that's candy-coated for the freedom emerging adulthood.

Bazzi – “Mine” (Young Bombs Remix)

Young Bombs take the familiar hit and trap it out acoustic-style. Those two things don't always go together, but we are vibing on this fireside sing-along with 808 edge. It's a new and boundless generation, and this might be the remix to prove nothing is f-limits. The big feelings at the hook will leave you breathless.

Bazzi – “Mine” (Jengi Remix)

One more for the “Mine” camp, this time tinged with Asiatic keys and beat-boosted with big drums. It's all about the vibrant textures on this remix from Jengi. It's got some '90s retro flair to its sonic library and a surprisingly light touch for all this bouncy percussion. It's perfect pop for your summertime shine.

Bazzi – “Beautiful vs Spectrum” (Hook N Sling Spectrum Remix)

This remix was made using progressive house dynamos Hook N Sling's Spectrum sounds, which you can download from Splice. It's not a progressive house heater, which would be expected from the LA producer. It's an easygoing, pop-facing remix that's light and breezy as a summer dress. 

Bazzi – “Why” (Flighthouse Remix)

Pretty girls love trap-pop, and one seems to love Bazzi even when she shouldn't. All your friends can get behind some listening and relistening this “Why” remix from Flighthouse, though. It's a real crowd pleaser, and it's easy to see “Why.”