The 1975 Expose Their ‘Frail State of Mind’ in Antsy New Single


The 1975 are on pins and needles in their latest single “Frail State of Mind,” which is the third song released ahead of their forthcoming album Notes on a Conditional Form.

Lead singer and guitarist Matt Healy described the track to Apple Music’s Beats 1’s Zane Lowe as channeling a “global anxiety attack” in a brutally honest interview on Thursday (Oct. 24). “The symptoms are really noticeable…. The record is kind of about me and how I try and deal with that,” Healy said.

The percussion feels like those pins and needles, as Healy recites all-too-common excuses for not meeting up and talking to people. “Go outside?/ Seems unlikely/ I’m sorry that I missed your call/ I watched it ring/ ‘Don’t waste their time,’” he whispers at the beginning.

In another interview with Dazed from last November, Healy unpacked the nerve-racking build-up he always felt before heading somewhere. “I’m better at it happening, [at] me and you sitting down and having a conversation, than thinking about going to do the conversation,” he opened up at the time. “The social event’s normally always fine, but the build-up to it, I hate it.”

The UK garage single sounds sad in subject but feels consoling in context. From the band’s brutally honest narrative, “Frail State of Mind” speaks to universal anxiety in an anxiety-driven world while reassuring listeners at moments like the acoustic flutter preceding the bridge.

Listen to “Frail State of Mind” below.