The 10 Best Songs About Soccer


Viva el fútbol! Another World Cup is upon us, and soccer fans are tuning in from living rooms, bars and stadiums across the globe. Whether your national team made the cut or you're forced to root for a surrogate, things are about to get heated. Of course, soccer fans are also big into music. No other sport fers quite so many opportunities for sing-alongs, but instead leaning on your standard crowd cheers and "Seven Nation Army," why not give our hand-picked list  fútbol jams a try?

Billboard Dance and Latin teamed up to give you this incredible soccer soundtrack. Check the list soccer songs below and get ready to kick it in style.

New Order - "World In Motion"

Everyone knows the Brits are serious about their soccer, and it turned out then-Football Association Press Officer David Bloomfield was a big fan Joy Division. Post-punk and dance nerds know New Order is the members Joy Division under a different name (with a different singer), and when Bloomfield contacted the fun-loving dance band's management about crafting a tune for the world's favorite game, they jumped at the chance. It might be the grooviest song about soccer ever, which makes it the best way to start this list.

The Fans - "Ole Ole Ole (The Name The Game)"

From the grooviest to perhaps the most famous, how many times have you chanted "Ole Ole Ole" through hallowed halls and among friends in beer-soaked rooms? Released in 1987, the fields continue to ring with this timeless classic. Shout it from the rotop whether your team is winning or not. 

Devonte Hynes - "Soccer Field"

This synth-heaven instrumental cut comes from the soundtrack for 2014 drama Palo Alto. It captures the focus and drive the players on the pitch. While we in the stands cheer and drink and sing, they are zoned in on the goal, kicking and weaving their way to glory, blind to the world around them until sweet victory is in their grasp.

Ricky Martin - "The Cup Life"

Released in 1998, this whistle-heavy, horn-driven hit is a must for any soccer celebration. It's more than just an ficial FIFA anthem, it's a classic Martin single, the second from his album Vuelve. The trophy is within reach if you really want it, so ask yourself, do you really want it?

Baby Blue - "Soccer Ball"

So maybe this song isn't exactly about soccer directly, but we're digging the vibes. It sounds like an old classic sock hop jam, but it's actually from 2017. If someone is breathing down your neck, tell them to go kick soccer balls and leave you alone.

K'Naan - "Wavin' Flag"

FIFA celebrated its 2010 World Cup with this percussive ditty featuring Somali-Canadian poet K'Naan. He is a worldy dude who knows a thing or two about bringing cultures together through song and loving spirit. It's got a carefree feel that's easy to enjoy, a crowd pleaser, if you will

Jonpaw - "Soccer (Instrumental)"

Here's another electronic instrumental to get your blood pumping. The stakes are high and the sweat drips from your brow, but you can't miss this shot. It could win you the whole thing. Remember your coaching and trust your instincts. Your country has your back.

Cali y El Dandee - "Gol"

You knew this one was coming, right? From 2014, this inspirational and uplifting song from Cali Y El Dandee will get you super pumped for the final head-to-head. A dance-pop beat will get you ready for the club, so put this one on before and after the game, whether your team won or not.

Soccer Hooligans - "Football In The Snow"

Soccer fans are the wildest. They'll kick the ball around even when the green is covered in white. Here's a song to keep you warm when the World Cup is over.

The Goal - "Soccer 2016"

One final electronic funky jingle to get you through the action. This one comes from France and has that classic sportsball stadium energy. Pump your fists and get loud. The World Cup only comes around every four years, and we've got to make this count.