The 10 Best Musical Moments From 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt'


The only thing worse than getting kidnapped and thrown into a bunker by a deranged preacher/Durnsville’s worst wedding DJ is having to say goodbye to Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. The fourth and final season the screwball sitcom is now streaming on Netflix, leaving a Puppazza-shaped hole in the hearts comedy fans.

The Tina Fey co-created series, which has earned 16 Emmy nominations thus far (including nods for stars Ellie Kemper, Jane Krakowski, and Tituss Burgess), has been nothing short an Internet darling. (It doesn’t hurt that it’s very, very GIF-able.)

The series' absurd, hilarious and undeniably catchy musical excursions number among its best moments. Whether they were forever ruining your mental image “Unchained Melody” or belting out the real “National Anthem,” the show had you humming as much as you were laughing, frequently at the same time.

These are the ten scenes and songs that helped make Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt the delirious delight that it’s been.  

“Opening Credits”

Created by former 30 Rock composer Jeff Richmond, this spot-on send-up Auto-Tuned viral news clips is as peppy and lovable as Kimmy Schmidt herself. No one in their right mind hits the “skip credits” button and misses the show-defining “Females are strong as hell” line.

“Peeno Noir”

Burgess, a Broadway vet, has an absolutely stunning voice, but it can be a little hard to hear when you’re bowled over with laughter. Case in point: his classic Season 1 attempt at making a music video for his original number, “Peeno Noir.” His “ode to black penis” managed to rhyme Myanmar, boudoir, and Tom Berenger. A legend.

“Daddy’s Boy”

Heralded as an “unfinished 1938 musical” (on account the horrified crew walking f halfway through production) this hilarious spo old Hollywood movie musicals is basically just one big innuendo that plays at the end a Season 1 episode.

“Gonna Be Famous Remix”

The show once again perfectly played f the web-Auto-Tune-the-news trope when Titus accidentally goes viral by talking, singing, and farting (pantsless, no less) on the air a local news broadcast, unbeknownst to him. We don’t know how Carol could let such a thing happen to our Titus, but we’re so glad she did.


If you’re going to parody one the best music visuals ever, you’d better do it right. Luckily, in the hands the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt writers and Burgess, it was just as much a loving homage (the yellow dress, the baseball bat, the suspected cheating partner) to Beyoncé’s “Hold Up” as it was a totally goy send-up only they could do.

“Bunny and Kitty”

Kimmy’s impromptu theme song for the unlikely crime-solving duo Bunny and Kitty is as adorable as it is a surprisingly effective earworm. Heck, fans loved the ditty so much there was online petition to give the furry BFFs their very own Netflix series. (For the record, would watch.)

“Boobs in California”

When Titus gets hired by a burgeoning (read: truly terrible conspiracy theory nut) songwriter, he has to sing some truly insane things, like “Hillary Clinton killed Nicole Brown Simpson” and “the CIA invented AIDS to sell quilts.” But nothing, and we mean nothing, chills Titus to the bone more than when he has to sing a west coast party anthem about going on hikes, rocking out to Smash Mouth, and, course, appreciating “the greatest boobs around.” You’ll hate yourself for loving it, too.

“Philosophy Rap”

In a genius bit stunt casting, acclaimed Hamilton star Daveed Diggs plays a college student who sets out to teach his classmates about philosophy through the power rap. Instead, he becomes a laughingstock when it turns out he’s really, really bad at freestyling. Of course, Kimmy comes to the rescue to save her friend and makes for an even worse, albeit very endearing, duet.

“Takeda Lullaby”

The show’s writers definitely have fun putting Titus in Broadway and unauthorized Broadway scenarios, but they really allowed the star to shine f-f-f-f Broadway in his controversial one-man show about his previous life as a geisha. It’s one the show’s rare “serious” moments and it pays f big time: the song, a Japanese lullaby, is gorgeous and we’re reminded why Burgess is such a Broadway sensation IRL.

“Six White Complainers”

The theme song for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is one the best sitcom openers ever, so it makes sense that they’d riff on another iconic theme song for another New York City-set show: Friends, or as it’s translated by Dong, “Six White Complainers.” Great Chandler’s Ghost, the lyrics here are far better than anything The Rembrandts could have ever dreamed up.