The 10 Best Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Songs: Critics Pick


Greek-born, Belgian-raised brothers Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike have music and theater in their blood. The pair have found incredible success standing side-by-side behind decks around the world. The duo has been crowned the Kings Tomorrowland, stunned audiences around the world with high-octane, over-the-top performances, and topped the Dance Club Songs chart not once but three times.

Making music is a family affair, but the brothers also like to bring their friends into the studio. It keeps things fresh and opens the way for new perspectives, and variety is the spice that gives Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike's catalog such long legs. Whether they're giving it to you pop friendly or hard in the paint, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike songs linger in your head for hours, especially these 10 best tunes. From deep cuts to chart toppers, here are our favorites.

10. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs David Guetta Featuring Kiiara – “Complicated”

This ode to casual lovemaking and carefree lifestyles hit the Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart in August 2017. It's simple dance-pop hook and catchy chorus pushed it to No. 22 in December and topped the Dance Club Songs chart. It was also the brothers' first ficial collaboration with David Guetta and Kiiara. Next time your date tries to make you anxious, let “Complicated” remind them that life is for living, and tomorrow is so far away.

​9. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike with W&W – “Crowd Control​”

If you're looking for more the classic DV&LM sound, “Crowd Control” is right up your alley. It's big, bold and bombastic. It features Dutch DJ and production duo W&W and some seriously hard-hitting drums. It's the kind hardstyle jump jam designed to make giant festivals explode, like Tomorrowland in the brothers' native Belgium where the ficial music video was filmed. 

8. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs. VINAI – “Louder”

Do you want to hear the effing bass? Do you? You're going to have to get “Louder” than that, not that there is anything much “Louder” than this 2015 fan favorite. Italian duo VINAI helped DV&LM reach new levels red lines on this classic Dutch-house big room style anthem. This is what it sounds like to get shot in the face with a cryo canon, direct hit.

​7. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike – “Wakanda”

Way back in 2014, before the whole world had Black Panther fever, the Belgian bros were making Xs with their arms and African-inspired beats. “Wakanda” may expose the boys as some comic book nerds, which only makes them more endearing in our book. “Wakanda” will have you hungry for more hardstyle with an African twist. Really, why isn't this a bigger thing?

6. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs Diplo Featuring Deb's Daughter – “Hey Baby”

Speaking cultural mixology, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike teamed with the ultimate world music master for this 2017 jam. The Diplo-assisted tune comes complete with his signature tropical tinge. It topped the Dance Club Songs chart and hit No. 30 on the Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart. It also got a comic book-inspired music video, thereby confirming the brothers' nerdiness. 

5. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Featuring Ne-Yo – “Higher Place”

“Higher Place” was the first No. 1 chart hit for DV&LM. It topped the Dance Club Songs chart in 2016 and reached No. 18 on the Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart. Dimitri co-penned the lyrics with Ne-Yo. It's a sweeter side the duo, and the singer's soulful croon is everything you need to seal the deal on love.

4. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs. Sander van Doorn – “Project T”

It's not everyday you hear The xx on festival dance floors, but “Project T” somehow makes it all make sense. It's built around a sample the gloomy-dance band's popular track “Intro.” The brothers got with Dutch DJ and producer Sander van Doorn to turn this introverted melody into an anthem, though it still has a haunting darkness fans love.

​3. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs Ummet Ozcan – “The Hum”

When you hear “The Hum” come in with a low rumble, you know things are about to get buck wild. This song, featuring Dutch-Turkish music man Ummet Ozcan, peaked at No. 39 on the Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart in 2015 and remains a party anthem for anyone looking for pure, unadulterated Dutch house bang. The video features Charlie Sheen, too. It's pretty much legendary.

​2. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike with MOGUAI – “Mammoth”

Released early on in the brothers' career, this 2012 anthem represented a huge step forward for the duo as well as the big room Dutch house genre. The song was such a success, it was re-released a year later with a vocal topline from American singer Julian Perretta. We personally enjoy the original instrumental mix, though. 

​1. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs. Martin Garrix – “Tremor”

Any time you get two major stars like DV&LM and Martin Garrix together, you're in for something huge. Here, we see both parties play to their roots. You'd be hard pressed to find a more iconic big room Dutch house track than “Tremor,” and it's just as hard to find something that bangs this big. It's the kind song that can never be unheard. It was also tapped as the ficial anthem the Sensation White parties in 2014. It peaked at No. 39 on the Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart, but it will always be No. 1 in our hearts.