Teyana Taylor Says "Polo Kanye West" Is Back


There’s been a whole lot conversation surrounding Kanye West and G.O.O.D Music. ‘Ye might’ve not been as active on the musical front in 2017 but that’s not to say he wasn’t working behind the scenes. Towards the end the year, it was revealed that Kanye West was handling all the production for the G.O.O.D Music albums. In addition to that, it was reported that he’s brought along a slew his collaborators to work on his upcoming project in Wyoming. Teyana Taylor recently spoke about where Kanye is creatively and it sounds like he’s tapped into his roots.

Teyana Taylor recently joined the Hot97 crew for an interview earlier today where she spoke on her upcoming project. While she did reveal that she had another joint with Chris Brown on there, she also said that Kanye’s producing the project in its entirety. In addition, she gave a little bit insight to where he is creatively right now.

“It’s Polo Ye… Ralph Ye. Ralph Ye productions,” she said. “He was so excited, we did one song where he just did the beat. He was banging on the desk and the mic was right there and I was just singing to what he was banging on the desk. Shit was crazy. He’s OD.”

Teyana’s little update might not reveal a whole lot but we’re definitely interested to hear what Kanye and the rest the G.O.O.D Music roster has up their sleeves.

Peep the interview below with Teyana talking about Kanye at the 39 minute mark.