Teyana Taylor Puts Updated ‘K.T.S.E.’ Album on Hold


Teyana Taylor’s updated album has been put on hold.

A “completed” version her 8-track sophomore album K.T.S.E. was expected to arrive over the weekend, but has now been delayed indefinitely.

A fan on Twitter asked her where the album was, to which Teyana responded, “I guess we ain’t getting one” with the shrugging emoji. She also retweeted several comments from anxious fans awaiting the release.

According to Teyana, the delay is due to clearance issues. For now, she plans to leave the album as is and debut the extended songs through her visuals. “A lot clearance issues, shit takes time,” she explained. “At this point I will leave album the way it is & will just debut the extended records thru my visuals!”

During an interview with Real 92.3’s “Big Boy in the Morning” last week, Teyana said a completed version was on the way with additional vocals and tracks, including “We Got Love.” “Saturday, Sunday, you’ll hear the complete version the album, which is the reason why it’s been a lot mixed reviews because everybody’s like, ‘The album sounds incomplete,’” she said. “It’s because those missing verses.’”

It’s unclear if and when the finished album will arrive, but Teyana is set to hit the road with Jeremih starting Aug. 3 in Tampa, Fla.