Teyana Taylor, Lizzo Respond To Being Praised By Elton John


Elton John is considered to be an icon in the music industry and his biographical film Rocketman is hoping to show the world why that’s the truth. The movie was featured at the Cannes Film Festival recently, and while speaking to Entertainment Tonight at one of the events, John gave his two cents about the importance of keeping up with younger, emerging artists. 

“If you don’t keep up with the young, you’re dead,” John stated. “You have to look at new movies, new music, read new books, see new artists’ photography, because when you find something new, it inspires you. I know all the great, old stuff. It’s in my head. It’s in my computer, and I love it. It makes me happy, but it doesn’t make me as happy as when I hear something new, like say, Billie Eilish or Lizzo or Khalid or Channel Tres and Teyana Taylor.”

The 72-year-old then interrupted himself to praise Teyana. “Do you know Teyana Taylor? Woohoo, baby! I love her so much! And I’ve been able to talk to her. So, it’s like, this inspires me. The young have the energy and they have the ability to make me feel inspired and I love that.” Both ladies caught wind of John’s kind words and shared their excitement on social media. Lizzo created a video that just looped John saying her name over and over again.

Meanwhile, Teyana shared the clip of the interview with the caption, “IIISSSSS UUUUUU SHITTINNNNNNNNNNNNNN MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! @eltonjohn I love you so muchhhhhhhhhhhh! MOMENTS LIKE THIS A REMINDER OF WHY I GOTTA KEEP PUSHING & NEVER GIVE UP, THE HARD WORK NEVER GOES UNNOTICED!!!”