Teyana Taylor Gives Iman Shumpert A Lapdance While BB Junie Sits In Attendance


Teyana Taylor performed the Red Bull Music Festival in her hometown of New York City last night. Along for the ride, was her husband, Iman Shumpert, granting himself a “red shirt” for the immediate Spring-Summer, after losing out to the Golden State Warriors in the playoffs. The difference for Shump is that the conditions set by an excitable Teyana Taylor, ready to soothe his ego, make for a consolation prize like no other – One he likely pines for in secret while his teammates are busy doing their reps.

During last night’s performance at the Manhattan Center, that homely display I fell short of describing became a public one in a matter of seconds. “I need my husband out here,” Taylor exclaimed during a dire moment of her set, paving the way for Iman Shumpert to resume his duties as the human prop of all props. Get this: while Teyana Taylor is burying her crotch in her husband’s face, their lovechild Junie is seated in the front row taking it all in. Aside from recreating “Fade” in gore-tex regalia, Teyana did save a good portion of her set for her guests, Method Man, and Fabolous. She also ushered in a moment silence for Nipsey Hussle – may he rest in power.