Teyana Taylor CashApp's Fans On Twitter To Boost Up Their Holidays


Teyana Taylor is paying it forward for the holiday season and making Christmas special for a few followers in need.

Taking to Twitter on the day of Festivus (December 23 for the non-Seinfeld fans), Taylor revealed she’d be sending $500 each of her own money to a handful of fans.

“I wanna give $500 each to a few people towards Xmas gifts,” she tweeted. “This ain’t no sponsored shit, it’s coming from my heart & straight out of my account lol so I wanna give to those who are really in need & could use alil extra holiday cash. Especially if u have kids. Happy holidays.”

The K.T.S.E. singer sent money to multiple people, and one grateful fan even shared a video of her ecstatic reaction to let Taylor know just how appreciated the gesture was.

“y’all finna make me cryyyyy,” she wrote in response. “Happy holidays y’all.”

Taylor’s definitely got the cash to blow, following a top 10 album earlier this year and a role in the forthcoming Coming 2 America sequel, playing the daughter to Wesley Snipes’ General Izzi.

“There was a scene where I had one line, the very first scene I had with him, and I couldn’t remember this one line for the life of me,” she said of the role. “I was nervous, excited, and overwhelmed because I’m in a scene with Wesley Snipes as my father introducing me to Eddie Murphy. I enjoyed every bit of the experience. It was dope and I’m just grateful to be a part of it.”

The film arrives on Amazon Prime Video on March 5, 2021.