Test Shot Starfish Break Down 'Music for Space,' The Space X Soundtrack: Exclusive


In house, nobody can hear you scream. In truth, nobody can hear something, as a result of sound doesn't have an environment inside which to journey from supply to ear. That doesn't imply you don't spend time crafting nice music for house, although. Indeed, music may be a common language inside which we are able to specific emotion to beings fully totally different from ourselves.

Test Shot Starfish understands this mission, and the Los Angeles duo chooses to just accept it. Space X, the personal aeronautic transportation producer run by Tesla Motors' Elon Musk, licenses all its music from Test Shot Starfish completely. So, in a approach, TSS is the sound of house, if it had one — at the very least on this parsec.

Today, we dive deep into the inner-workings of the duo to listen to the backstory and inspiration behind every of the tracks on its new album Music for Space. There's a theme at play right here, and it's extra scientific than fantasy, however it's nonetheless sci-fi as all get out.

[We] began this tune from watching the movie For All Mankind, and it grew to become impressed by the profitable developments which were made [toward] reuse rockets, permitting us to get to house in a less expensive and extra frequent approach.

We received a brand new Moog Model D from our Moogfest go to, and the tune "Rollout" was born. For us, a brand new toy can actually encourage a monitor over evening. The identify for the tune derives from the time period of a launch car rolling out to the pad. That portion of the mission is known as "Rollout."

"In the Shadow of Giants" 
Ryan Stuit: [This song was] impressed by the amazingly detailed images of our large planet Saturn that the Cassini satellite tv for pc just lately despatched to Earth. [It] was like nothing we had ever seen earlier than.

Kyle Schember: I really set an alarm to look at the top of that mission. To see the room of people that had labored tirelessly on that for therefore a few years was fairly an emotional expertise. I might really feel the sense of disappointment and accomplishment as they watched the spacecraft ship its ultimate photos. That's fairly a sacrifice for continued information and exploration.

"Approaching Dragon"
This monitor is impressed by the joy, stress and precision within the second of bringing the Dragon capsule along with the International Space Station and its crew.

This monitor got here out of taking a look at quite a lot of retro sci-fi artwork, particularly from the legendary artist Chesley Bonestell. 

"Forward Nostalgic"
Hoping to create a sort of floating, or shifting by means of house with an anticipation of a brand new vacation spot, sort of vibe. A variety of the album artwork was being made throughout this tune's course of.

The concept got here from working with footage of the Apollo 11 moon touchdown. At the identical time, an thrilling new SpaceX Heavy rocket launched from that historic and vital web site, Launch Complex 39. LC-39A was the launch web site of Apollo program and the Space Shuttle.

Written for the 60th anniversary, on October four, 2017, of Earth’s first synthetic satellite tv for pc, Sputnik. A variety of the sounds used have been samples from the precise satellite tv for pc and previous information broadcasts from world wide.

I needed a “Heavier” tune, so an excellent place to search for inspiration happened from the large rockets that at the moment are in use, like Falcon Heavy and the SLS at NASA, [which are] bringing the house program into a brand new age of having the ability to ship bigger payloads to orbit. This is a vital stage in additional house exploration and the constructing of recent infrastructure outdoors of our ambiance.

[This was] impressed by a mission that marked the primary re-flight of a Dragon spacecraft, [which had] beforehand flown to the International Space Station.

This began with a little bit facet chained pulsing synth and had an excellent moving-forward sort of sound. The Andromeda Galaxy, our nearest galaxy to the Milky Way, sort of made sense as a theme. 

"Return to Flight"
It’s all the time enjoyable to do an ambient monitor and work with previous NASA transmissions from totally different flights. It marked the primary launch since a Falcon 9 rocket exploded. The success of the launch was much more thrilling when the primary stage boosters safely returned from house and landed on the SpaceX drone ship platform within the ocean.

NASA had simply acquired wonderful photos of Pluto from the New Horizons spacecraft in 2017. I additionally simply favored the visible of the definition after wanting it up. "FlyBy: flight previous some extent, particularly the shut method of a spacecraft to a planet or moon for commentary."

This monitor advanced in sections and totally different tempos, so we stitched it collectively, and it gave it a sort of touring, journey feeling. [It's] a little impressed by the the imaginative and prescient of bodily exploring extra of the Moon and Mars. From right here, I feel the third album will concentrate on the precise journey into house. "Ascent" is considerably the final thought and has the sound of leaving the ambiance, reaching the sting of house, and what lies past that. We have solely scratched the floor of. All the entrepreneurs of right now are our "Lewis & Clark," who’re actually paving the way in which and priming the applied sciences to permit us to stay and thrive as an area fairing tradition. 

Music For Space is out now on Subtractive Recordings. Listen to it in full beneath.