Tessa Violet Presents a Dizzy Dance Performance in a Grocery Store for 'Crush' Premiere


The indie pop artist's new album "Bad Ideas" is out Aug. 3.

Indie pop artist Tessa Violet plays a nimble girl wanting to be someone’s object affection in her new video for “Crush.” But she’s not about to give it away that she’s totally into the idea: Violet plays it cool, as any girl with highlighter-yellow hair and shoes to match would do.

The 28-year-old loves to perform -- sometimes in an aisle where a cute grocery store employee is shelving panko bread crumbs -- but the whole supermarket is her oyster to dance out her feelings. Violet, who has more than 1 million subscribers to her YouTube channel, reveals that her music remains true to her feelings and that she has more music on the way with her new album, Bad Ideas, due Aug. 3.

“'Crush' is just a real honest reflection where I was at the time, really yearning for the excitement being pursued and desired while desperately wanting to play it cool,” said Violet, who recently signed with Paradigm for booking and will tour with dodie in September. “Isaac White], my good friend and music video] director, pitched me the idea filming in a grocery store and I was immediately so into it. There's something so fantastical about seeing someone perform and move to a music video, in a setting we've all been in a million times. I like the juxtaposition the freedom the performance mixed with the normality  the grocery store.”

The video features normal shoppers mixed in with the singer’s swift stunts: dancing in front the ice cream, flailing her arms around the spices, and faux-moon walking over the frozen waffle section. No one around is bothered but Tessa herself as she struggles to find the balance having her own fascinations about boys (“You think I’m tepid but I’m misdiagnosed/ ‘Cause I’m a stalker I’ve seen all your posts”) and trying to play it cool and go along for the ride casual texts, blushing and other crush ventures.

The camera switches from slow-motion to stop-motion to reverse-motion to emphasize the jolting emotions an early love, with her highlighter hair flipping around her face and delicate hand movements when she chants “Touch, touch, touch, touch, touch” during the chorus.

Watch the “Crush” music video below.