Terry Rozier Says He "Might Have To Go" If Celtics Don’t Make Changes


Boston Celtics guard Terry Rozier will become a restricted free agent this Summer and it seems like he hopes to be playing on other team, unless the Celtics make some roster changes.

When asked by Stephen A. Smith whether he’d want to stay in Boston if the same roster was returned, Rozier said:

“No, I might have to go. I might have to go. You know, I put up with a lot this year, so, you know, I said what I said after the season, and I think we all know that I’m not trying to step into that again.”

In an interview with ESPN’s “Get Up!”, Rozier also spoke about the challenges of playing with Kyrie Irving.

“He’s a great guy. Great leader. You just have to adjust to his style,” Rozier told Mike Greenberg (H/T Yahoo). “Whatever Kyrie wants done, he’s gonna show it. That’s what he wants done. And you have to adjust to his style of play and how he goes about every game every day.”

“We had the first five and then we had the second five (in practice). And when we go out there, I feel like a lot of guys would be mixed up. It wouldn’t be the first five and the second five.

“So, what we’d be talking about in practice is not what we went through in the game. It was like, all right, we’re going to keep Kyrie out there and put the other guys out there with him, and we’re going to figure it out.” 

After the Celtics were eliminated from the playoffs, Rozier explained how he sacrificed more than any other player on the Celtics this season, and how he couldn’t play “how Terry Rozier play.”

When asked about those comments on “Get Up!” today, Rozier revealed:

“Things was all good before we actually started. I still had the positive mindset that we was going to make it work, but ever since that day that Kyrie announced in front of the fans that, if we would like to have him back, he would come back, things I feel like shifted left for me. I just seen the way people treated me with their attitudes, and I feel like I was just thrown all the way in the back seat. And I just had to adjust to that. I talked to Brad multiple times. I talked to guys multiple times. But I just feel like it was just nothing that nobody could do.”